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Based only on this picture of a very happy birthday girl, who just turned 25, you would never guess that for a long time I stopped believing I would ever celebrate a 25th birthday. After a while even I stopped caring if I didn’t. And I actually started to pray that my life would be taken so I didn’t have to be the one to make the decision to stay…or to leave.  Continue reading


From Him. To Him. Through Him.

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Behind every pretty picture is a story. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has a polished life. But it can really feel like that as we scroll through Instagram and Facebook, can’t it? “Why can’t my life, my relationship, my family, my job, my health, my finances be flawless like their’s clearly is” we think. It’s discouraging to see everyone’s highlight reel and feel like we just cannot get it right! So here I am to show you what’s behind my Continue reading

It’s Not Over Yet

Between the two pictures above and the two below there is a 6 year difference. There is a 60 pound difference. There is a 6 inch difference! There is a 6 surgery difference. There’s even 6 more inches of my hair! And then there are about 60,000 difference you might not Continue reading


Just Try To Never Grow Up


Summer 2006 and Summer 2016

Last weekend I was rummaging through my childhood boxes in my parent’s garage, and probably for the first time ever, felt fully like an adult. And no, it wasn’t seeing all my old Pound-Puppies, baby books, or various trinkets and do-dads that triggered it. It was reading something I wrote when I was 14. I found a few different papers I had written right after I first got sick. Continue reading


Just Count To Three And Say It.

1…2…3…I am lost. So very lost.

I’m tired of hiding it and pretending I’m ok, because I’m so not. I think I’ve been pretending to be ok for ten years. That’s a long time to shove away feeling lost and heartbroken, but when you have enough well-meaning people in your life always saying you are strong and brave and mature and inspirational, you make it your mission Continue reading


Like Mariah



*  *  *

She didn’t let her past define her, she wouldn’t let those bad things ruin her second chance, and she wouldn’t cry about the time she lost. Instead, she would dance when her song came on, she would get dressed up and make them look twice. She would laugh loud and smile for everyone. She would kiss him if she wanted to, then walk away with a bounce in her step and a swing of her hips. And if he had any good sense at all, he would follow her. 

*  *  *

Be young.

Be wild.

Be free.

With love,

❤ Mariah


September 3rd.

It has been one year from the September 3rd that forever changed my life. For most people today is just Thursday, September 3rd 2015. For me it’s the one year mark from the worst day of my life. Continue reading