It’s Not Over Yet

Between the two pictures above and the two below there is a 6 year difference. There is a 60 pound difference. There is a 6 inch difference! There is a 6 surgery difference. There’s even 6 more inches of my hair! And then there are about 60,000 difference you might not physically see. I never really fit into this dress when I was nineteen but I kept it in my closet and I packed it up and moved it 6 times into 6 different homes. No joke! I altered the style to make it more “grown up” but I never altered the size, I just grew into it. Just as I’m growing into the woman God desires me to be. Stronger, wiser, happier, with a lot more faith and tad more sass!

Be young.

Be wild.

Be free.

With love,

❤ Mariah


David Dillon Photography

Brandon Droeger Photography


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