The beginning

I’ve always heard it said to be careful what you name your pets, as they tend to reflect that name in their behavior. I can attest to this as my horse, Dancer, likes to constantly be moving her feet around. However, no one ever told me to be careful in what I title my Blog, but I wish they had because once I had the name picked out I practically had to move mountains to set it up.

I thought I was pretty adept when it came to computer stuff. I Facebook, I email, I google things 57 times a day, I shop very well, I install software, I can push the troubleshoot button when weird things start happening, and when worst comes to worse I restart everything and call Dad. All these things I can do. But do you know what I can’t do? Build a website.  Which is exactly how I started this endeavor nearly 5 hours ago.

It began when I found a highly recommended host website called “Bluehost” (I should have realized I was in trouble when I said to myself, Oh a host website, so that’s how it works! Interesting). But they used WordPress and, Hey I know how to use WordPress!! Kind of. Only 5.95 a month. Perf. Oh look is available! That’s a sign. A few extra add-ons for a couple bucks each that will make my site super safe, super find-able, and super-duper awesome. Here’s my credit card info…and confirm! Yay I’m a blogger!

Oh Mariah, sweet, naïve Mariah.

Immediately I get a text: “The amount of $160 that was charged to your account is over your amount in alert settings.”

Wait what?! 160??? No! How was it that much? Why didn’t they show me a total amount (and better yet why didn’t I think to look for one before paying?!) Okay, okay. Calm down this is an investment. It’s so gonna be worth it. Lets just sign in and get it set up—you’ll see, it will be great!

Crap. What does this even mean? It’s like nerd code or something! I can’t build a website; I can’t even build a shelf!

No, stop! Pull yourself together! You are an independent woman who grew up in the technology era and if your grandma can learn to text then you can design a stupid blog! You can do this!

               *10 minutes later*

I can’t do thiiissss!!!! Maybe I should  just call Dad. No, better not. I will call costumer service, I will demand they cancel my account and refund my money dammit!

As it turns out there was no need to be so passionate or dramatic about it. They sent me a form to cancel my account without question. Probably because they could hear the confused, feminine desperation in my voice and knew it would simply be a head ache to convince me to stay and then have to teach me how to do everything.

Phew, dodged a bullet! A $160 bullet. Maybe I’ll just use the free WordPress site as my Host and hopefully my Domain is still available. Look at me and all the new words I just learned!

Almost done, right? Nope. It seems I already had a WordPress blog. I set it up years ago, never wrote a word, and forgot about it. So I spent the next few hours (yes it took hours, don’t judge) switching everything over to my new blog.

So finally! Finally here we are.

Yikes, that was a long intro, but whatever. It’s my blog and I can do whatever I want!

So that, my friends, is precisely what I shall do. Here is the place I will write about my faith and God, how I keep fighting for a good life, about the things I like and dislike, being 22 and single, my strange observations, what it took to get here, and most importantly my adventures with my super cute dog, Gypsy. Seriously, she’s the cutest. See below for proof. So whether you are my friend or family member or a random stranger who googled “to move mountains quote” and found this instead, I hope you will stay tuned and see where this life takes me.

Be young.

Be wild.

Be free.

With love,

❤ Mariah


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