It’s God’s job to Move Mountains, it’s your job to let Him.

And it’s my passion to teach you how.


Long Story Short

As a Colorado native, the mountains have always called to me; the grandeur, the adventure, the danger, the protection, the memories. Mountains have been my happy place for twenty-five years and counting as I lived a life of extraordinary battles. When I was diagnosed with a chronic disease in middle school, my life tuned upside down and the bright future I had been planning became murky and unknown. After ten years of suffering, I was burn out, weary, and desperate for a savoir. I knew Jesus offered me rest, joy, and freedom but I couldn’t accept all He promised to be true in my life. It was in my darkest moment that I read the thing that changed my life’s path.

 It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.

-Ephesians 1:11

This truth reminded me my identity was not that of a sick person but of a healed, daughter of a king. It became my passion to guide people to this place and the freedom it offers by sharing my story, lessons learned, and miracles of Jesus.

The world is full of sick, pained, dying and hurting bodies holding a precious soul that is begging for rescue. I can no longer ignore my unique position to help to them so I offer up my testimony, my life, and my whole self for your benefit.

Be young. Be wild. Be free.


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One thought on “It’s God’s job to Move Mountains, it’s your job to let Him.

  1. Hello Mariah,

    Thank you for the follow on Spirit Ministries, it is a true blessing and quite humbling. God is so awesome and so wonderful. He’s done so many amazing things in my life as I am sure he has yours as well. While reading your blog about moving mountains not only did it remind me of faith the size of a mustard see out of the book of Matthew. It also resonated Mark 10:27 in my heart which says; With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. God bless you my Mariah!

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